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‘Those Aren’t Real Words’: Motorcycle Squids Outraged By Recent Wordle Answers

The popular mobile-app game, Wordle, is under fire from the Motorcycle Squid community after they claim recent answers were ‘impossible to guess.’

Some of the answers in question include BOOTS, GLOVE, ARMOR, SENSE, and SKILL.

“Are they even speaking English at this point?” said a spokesperson for the Squid community. “Those words mean nothing to us, so it’s impossible to guess.”

This series of answers has caused the win percentage for squids to fall drastically. “We’re used to falling, but no amount of road rash can prepare you for the discomfort you feel when you see your win percentage drops this low,” the spokesperson said. “This must be what it feels like to clean your chain.”

It’s not all negative news, though. The community seems to be bouncing back as they’re currently on a five-game winning streak thanks to the words: DECAL, STUNT, CRASH, FELON, and CHODE.

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