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‘The Ol’ Slieght of Brand,’ Harley Copies Twitter; Rebrands To ‘Z’ To Misdirect From Glaring Issues

In what likely will be known as the second-best business decision in recent history, Harley Davidson has announced that it will follow Twitter’s lead and rebrand to ‘Z’ with one goal in mind: distract everyone from the fact that the company is hemorrhaging money faster than its engines hemorrhage oil. “It’s the ol’ sleight of brand technique,” said Harley Houdini the new CEO of Z. “You make a bunch of odd business decisions that manage to piss off your long-time fans and potential new users simultaneously, then you throw in some misdirection by ripping off the first alphabet logo you find on Google.” The company had 26 letters to choose from in the alphabet but landed on Z for several reasons. “First and foremost, if you’re interested in purchasing a Harley Davidson, I mean Zooter, it’s safe to say your Plan A through Plan Y must not have worked out… Welcome to Plan Z,” said Mr. Houdini. “Second, we thought we’d name it after ‘Gen Z.’ Brainwashing them like we did the Boomers is pretty much our last hope as a company.”

To go along with this new, tech-inspired branding, Z Motor Company will also change the name of its LiveWire branch to ‘EV 404 Not Found.’



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