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Tension Builds At Fuel Station As Biker Tries Not To Spill Any Gas On Motorcycle Tank

An intense standoff between a motorcyclist and gravity is underway at a downtown fuel station as Ben Carlson, a local biker, tries to remove the gas nozzle from his motorcycle’s tank without spilling.

“We’ve been watching for a few minutes now and you can cut the tension with a knife,” said a fuel station employee watching the scene. “I’ve been working in this industry for three decades… I know how annoying it can be to let those last few drops of gas fall onto your freshly cleaned vehicle.”

Ben, who finished filling up the tank five minutes ago has been vigorously shaking the nozzle in an attempt to get the last drip out.

“For some reason, this reminds me of watching an early 2000’s Halle Berry movie as a teenager,” Ben said. After a few more heart-stopping moments, Ben heroically rotates the nozzle so that the tip was facing in an upward direction – using gravity to his advantage as he removed the nozzle.

Unfortunately, Ben did throw his hands (still holding the nozzle) in the air in celebration – causing several gasoline drops to land on his bike.

“Oh well, I’ll just use my glove to wipe it off.”


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