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Motorcyclist, Who Spent Small Fortune Buying Blue Gear, Trades Blue Bike In For Red Bike

It’s back to square one for one local motorcyclist – who fully committed to matching his blue bike – after he traded in his blue Yamaha R6 for a very red Ducati.

“Ugh, I look like those paper 3D glasses that people used back in the day,” said Brian Banks, the rider who purchased $2,000 worth of blue riding gear.

This is a common mistake committed usually by vain motorcyclists whose favorite part of riding a motorcycle is to be seen riding a motorcycle; followed closely by sitting on a stationary bike while someone takes photos of you. And OCD people… but that’s a medical condition. “What people don’t realize is that motorcycles are much like marriages in the minds of people,” said Stephany Killrud, a world-renowned psychologist. “People love it at first. Build their identity around it. Then just get a new one a few years down the road.”

Brian has begun the process of searching for motorcycle gear but has high hopes that he’ll make different decisions this time.

“I’m starting to understand why moto journalists either wear black gear or gear that looks like it was shat out by a unicorn: it goes with everything they ride.”

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