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Motorcyclist Finding It Harder and Harder To Ignore The Fact That He's Never Washed Helmet

After spending six years with the same full-faced helmet, local motorcyclist, Greg Watson, is really starting to struggle to ignore the fact that he has never washed the padding. “At around three years of ownership is when I started being proactive in overlooking the smudges, smells, and generous sprinkling of my own hairs throughout my helmet,” said Greg Watson. “Now it feels almost impossible to justify not taking 30 seconds to pull the padding out and throw it in the wash.” With excuse after excuse starting to slip through Greg’s fingers, he has found himself relying more than ever on the tried-and-true classics: ‘I’ll just open all the vents and air it out;’ ‘I washed my hair yesterday;’ ‘The padding will be less safe if it shrinks in the wash.’

Unfortunately, a particularly rough allergy season and temperatures averaging 90 degrees Fahrenheit this past summer, means Greg’s streak of not cleaning his helmet might soon come to an end.

“You can only go so long pretending that nothing comes out of your face when you sneeze inside your helmet,” Greg said. “Then again, the smell now makes me think of riding motorcycles… so I’ve grown attached.”

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