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Motorcycle High Beam Starts To Wonder If It Really Is Burnt Out

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- After yet another person pointed out that it looked burnt out, the high-beam headlight on a local Yamaha MT-10 is now starting to think that it may actually be burnt out.

“I’ve always enjoyed my job as the right-side headlight,” said the high beam. “It’s a part time gig and I really think I shine brightly in it. I’ve always thought I had several more years under my belt but that’s starting to change.” Many high beams working in a dual-headlight environment are also letting doubts start to ruin their confidence.

“I understand that there will always be a few morons around, but there can’t be that many stupid cagers out there… right?” high beam said. “I can hardly go out in public without someone telling me to my face that I’m burnt out. There has to be something to that.”

As a result, many high beams are requesting that they are moved to more full-time positions.

“I appreciate you guys running this story, but I’m afraid no amount of PSA announcements will be able to sway the opinions of these cagers out there,” high beam said. “It’s just not worth pleading my case each time I go out. I might as well pretend to be the low beam and get on with my life.”

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