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Moto3 Rider Worried He Will ‘Outgrow’ Or ‘Get Bored Of’ 250CC Race Bike Before Season’s End

Current Moto3 championship leader and professional motorcycle racer, Daniel Holgado, is starting to worry that he might outgrow his 250CC race bike before getting the chance to win the Moto3 Title.

“I used to think that traveling to the world’s most famous circuits, pushing a machine to its absolute limits, and brushing shoulders with the world’s greatest up-and-coming talent, was all pretty exciting… but then I stumbled upon this place called r/motorcycles,” Daniel said. “Things just haven’t been the same since.”

The r/motorcycles Daniel mentioned is a place located deep within a website called Reddit where millions of motorcyclists, dozens of whom ride motorcycles, congregate to offer up advice.

“We’re just opinionated dudes, playing informed dudes, disguised as good-natured dudes,” said Kirk Lazarus, active r/motorcycles member.

Ever since he visited Reddit, Daniel has had trouble shaking certain thoughts every time he looks at his 55hp race bike that can do 0-60 in under 3 seconds and reach top speeds of 150mph. 

“It just looks a bit dull now and I can’t help but think that I, a professional motorcycle racer, would have a lot more fun if I rode a 200hp motorcycle in a straight line through traffic,” Daniel said. “Plus, what’s the point of riding in Moto3 if I plan to one day get to MotoGP? Seems like a waste of time improving my craft and working my way up, when I can just skip straight to MotoGP and embarrass myself or die. Just saying…”



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