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‘Maybe Racing In 3rd-Person Will Help?’ Desperate Yamaha Team To Pair Insta360 with Apple Vision

With the MotoGP season about to kick off, the Yamaha Factory Team has announced they will be trying something new in a desperate attempt to make up for the fact that the other teams’ bikes have a higher top speed in reverse.

“I know it’s a little last minute, but we’ve made approximately zero improvements to the top speed of our bike and Fabio is about to GTFO,” said Massimo Meregalli, team director. “Fortunately, our guy in charge of improving performance was spending all day playing video games and had a great idea… racing in third person!”

The Yamaha team hopes to use an Insta360 to get a good, third-person view of Fabio Quateraro and then relay that footage live to an Apple Vision Pro strapped to the front of Fabio’s visor.

“I mean racing in the video game is much easier in third person, so we might as well give it a whirl,” said Fabio. “Granted, my career mode in MotoGP 24 is with Ducati, so I’ll have to get used to my character wearing blue.”

While this plan may seem perfect, it does have a small flaw. 

 “There’s a little lag relaying the camera footage to the Apple Vision. Luckily, we’ve spent the last few years lagging behind the competition, so we should feel right at home.”

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1 Comment

Koko Futzer
Koko Futzer
Mar 05

dang, what a burn for the blue team :-/

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