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Marquez and Bagnaia Congratulate Each Other On An Epic Game Of Leap Frog

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

ARAGON, SPAIN -- During a rather dull Aragon GP, riders Marc Marquez and Pecco Bagnaia decided to take matters into their own hands during the final laps of the race. “Racing motorcycles shoulder to shoulder at 290 kmh (180 mph) can get pretty boring at times,” said Marquez. “Sometimes you have to switch to something a bit more exciting… like the game of Leap Frog from our youth.” With a few laps to go in the race -- just as fans started to doze off -- Marquez initiated the first ‘leap’ past the very fast and very red frog in front of him. But as is tradition with the game, Bagnaia immediately leaped him back.

“I’m still very emotional,” Bagnaia said. “Sure, it was my first MotoGP win, but more importantly I felt like a kid again.”

Following the game, which ended around the same time as the race, Marquez and Bagnaia came together to congratulate each other on the epic game.

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