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Man Presumed Insane After Believing Wiping Bug Off Visor W/ Glove Won't Make It Worse This Time

A seasoned motorcyclist and adrenaline junky, Jason Brody, has been committed to a mental hospital after showing textbook signs of insanity.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results,” said Dr. Vaas Montenegro. “Mr. Brody has spent years wiping bugs off his visor with his hand and it has always resulted in an unnaturally large smear across his entire visor. Yet he continues to believe the next time will be different.”

The event that got Jason finally committed took place on an early-morning ride when a bug no bigger than a Grom’s brake dust particle collided with the motorcyclist’s visor. The little spec was off to the side and hardly noticeable, but that didn’t stop an insane Jason from thinking he could truly make it better by wiping it off now… with his glove hand.

The result was the same as every time before, an incomprehensibly giant smear that resembled a Harley Davidson oil leak mixed with RS 660’s ‘Acid Gold’ paint dye.

Doctors believe that Jason’s only hope is extensive therapy and possibly a few procedures. Until then, Jason is to be kept safely away from the public with people equally as insane: group riders who actually believe they’ll ‘take it easy today.’



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