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Man Pays $250 To Have Profile Pic For Life… And Do A Track Day

One motorcyclist believes that he found the bargain of the century after he paid a mere $250 (plus tires, gear, gas, camping equipment he’ll never use again, a motorcycle, and a pickup truck to tow it all) to get a sweet track day profile pic on all his social accounts. “This will be my entire online identity until the day I die,” said Eduardo Dorrance. “Totally worth the price; even when you add on the tip I gave the photographer to tilt his camera so it looks like I’m leaning more.” As soon as Eduardo posted the photo, he instantly received dozens of likes from other motorcyclists and dads going through mid-life crises. “No one cared who I was until I put up the track-day profile pic,” said Eduardo. “Now no one will remember what my face looks like because it’s ATGATTS from here on out: All The Gear All The Time on Social.” We compiled a list of some of the comments Eduardo received just moments after posting his totally-unique-and-in-no-way-mimicked-by-50%-of-the-motorcycle-community picture. “Dat lean *fire emoji *arm flex emoji Sic pic!”

“Hit me up next time you’re going, hoss. I’ll for real go next time.” “Is that turn 7? 3rd gear, right? I just wanted to be sure others know I know what’s to know about knowing track stuff.” “Oh, please be careful! You know I worry! This is your NanNan by the way.”

Several comments were also deleted from the post as Eduardo suddenly felt the need to block certain individuals.

“I don’t associate with peasants who have watermarked Tail of the Dragon photos as their profile picture… we’re not the same.”

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