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‘It’s Clearly The Best Angle!’ Motorcyclist Not To Blame For All Bike Photos Looking Identical

A motorcyclist has been charged with reposting the same photos on social media over and over again, an accusation he says is untrue. “I know how it looks, but if you look closely, they’re actually different photos,” said Dejan Vue, MT-10 owner. “It’s just that my bike clearly has one angle that’s better than the rest.” Dejan claims that his MT-10 is limited on the viewing angles that manage to dilute the fact that it looks like an inbred transformer. “Look, I’m sure you could take a picture of a Panigale’s gas hole and it would make a good screensaver, but I’m dealing with a face that only an owner can love,” Dejan said. According to Dejan the ideal angle for photos will highlight the bike’s unique traits and – more importantly – all the modifications that have been done to it. “I had to steal from my grandmother to afford that full exhaust system, so Harley Davidson has a better chance of winning MotoGP than the left side of my motorcycle has of getting a picture taken of it,” Dejan said. To make matters worse, Dejan lives in a place with three locations that are clearly the best venues for taking photos. “Every good motorcycle-photo location needs three things: To be a fun ride to get to, have no crowds, and have a backdrop you find appealing,” Dejan said. “There’s only so many locations nearby that meet that criteria and I may or may not have milked every last one of them for every ounce of social clout they contain.”

In a last-ditch effort to bring fresh content to his social channels, Dejan has decided to buy matching leathers and a tripod.

“It’s perfect! Now I can take the exact same photos of my bike, but I can be standing next to it… sitting upon it… looking to the left… looking to the right… squatting next to it… It’s almost unlimited the number of ways I can pose next to my motorcycle to let the world know that it’s actually a different photo.”

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