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Harley Rider Wishes They’d Invent Something To Keep Bugs From Splattering On Face

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- Harley Davidson rider, Jim Roberts, is once again on the side of the road picking bugs from his teeth.

“I know they’re chock full o’ protein and all, but they taste like my mother-in-law’s cookin’,” Jim said. “You’d think they woulda figured out a way to keep these things off your face by now.”

Jim, like many fans of American cruisers, are completely unaware of the existence of full-face, modular, and adventure-style helmets.

“Us cruiser types are pretty resourceful,” Jim said. “We’ll often pair our brain buckets with sunglasses, ear plugs, or bandanas to keep the majority of our faces safe. However we still sometimes take a rock to the nose.”

Hog riders across the United States hope that one day a single helmet will be able to perform the function of all of these different parts… so they can actively refuse to buy one.

“Helmets are just better when they’re out of sight… kind of like my wife.”

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