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Group Of Life-Long Riding Buddies Still Don’t Know Anyone’s Real Name

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

“At this point it’s just too embarrassing to ask," was the consensus amongst a group of friends who have been riding motorcycles together for more than a decade without ever learning anyone's actual name. “I think there’s a John in the group… Or is it Jerome?,” said one of the group members. “All I know is he’s in my phone as ‘J-dog CBR 650.’”

We tracked down the one CBR 650 rider in the group. His name is Adam.

It turns out riders will often put each other in their phones as 'nick name / body feature + the bike they ride.'

"I know it sounds bizarre, but Epic Beard R1, Free Wheelie MT-07, and Larry The Clutch Cable Guy Honda Rebel are some of my best friends," Adam said.

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