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Cardo Agrees To Pair With Other Devices So Long As They Filter Audio Through A Green Text Bubble

Breaking news as Cardo Systems has finally released an update that will allow it to connect with other useful Bluetooth devices out there… so, Sena. However, this update comes at the ultimate cost: Sena must run all of its audio through a filter designed to make it sound how you’d imagine a green text bubble would sound. “For decades, Apple has capitalized on human pettiness to sell their phones,” said Steve Coms, CEO of Cardo. “Now it’s our turn to weaponize the green bubble and force small-minded people into a life of blind tribalism.” We reached out to long-time Sena fans to see how they’re handling the news. “I’ve been a Sena user for 15 years, but now all my friends make fun of me for having essentially the same capabilities as them, but now I sound more like you’d imagine the color green would sound, instead of the much more appealing, made up blue sound.”

Piggybacking on its early success, Cardo has also announced it will be changing its charger every year.

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