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ATGATT Rider's Fart Makes Heroic Journey From Pants To Helmet

Overcoming the odds, a local fart has miraculously traveled from the seat of one motorcyclist's pants to the helmet – all while moving at highway speeds.

“Everyone thought I was full of hot air when I told them I could make it,” said The Fart. “Now they’re all deadly silent.” The slightest breeze is enough to doom a fart to a life of aimless wandering, but fortunately for The Fart, this motorcyclist was an ATGATT (all the gear all the time) rider.

“My creator was wearing Klim gear, which masterfully repels wind, rain, and women,” said The Fart. “I was sealed in tighter than a from-factory oil filter.”

Reaching the helmet was only the first of many big aspirations for The Fart.

“Next I’m going to disappear and make my creator wonder if the car behind him could smell me.”

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