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After Getting In Trouble For Parking On Sidewalk, Biker Yelled At Again For Taking Up Parking Space

A motorcyclist is in deep water for having the audacity to park his motorcycle somewhere outside of his own garage.

Larry Parris, the repeat parking offender, has been victimizing many local businesses by parking his motorcycle in appalling spots. Some of the locations include sidewalks, dashed lines next to parking spots, grass, and full-sized parking spots made for cars.

“I almost couldn’t believe my eyes,” said a local business owner. “He just pulled his motorcycle up onto a section of sidewalk that’s practically never used. He could have injured someone or worse, seriously inconvenienced them by forcing them to slightly alter their walking line.”

The terror continued as Larry followed this up by doing the unthinkable: parking in a car-sized parking spot.

“How entitled can a person be?” said a witness in a car that takes up 4x the amount of space as the bike everywhere it goes. “That spot could have been used for a car. We can’t just park anywhere like the biker can.”

We caught up to Larry to see what he had to say for himself.

“At the end of the day, people will always be mad at me as a motorcyclist. There’s nothing people hate worse than seeing others enjoy life.”



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