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650ib To Invite 60,000 Of His Closest ‘Good Buddies’ To Birthday Party

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

CLEVELAND, OHIO -- YouTube personality and motovlogger, 650ib, has announced that he will be hosting a modest birthday party and will be inviting 60,000 of his “good buddies” to attend.

“It took me a while to narrow down the list,” ib said. “Some real good buddies of mine didn’t make the cut and it’s heartbreaking.”

Jay Leno, Valentino Rossi, and Home Depot Cashier #3 are some of the more notable names on the party’s invitation list.

“It’ll be nice to have a few of my closest good buddies over for a get together on these filthy streets,” ib said. “The invitations got quite expensive though. I had to sell one of my beautiful machines to help pay for them, but not my HP4… obviously.”

The Party itinerary includes talking about the benefits of extended swing arms, weighing bikes on scales, and admiring the heads of slain smackdown victims on Ib’s mantel. It will be sponsored by Motomillion.

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