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YZF-R1 Fans Enraged To Learn Yamaha’s New Piano, The YUS-1, Starts With ‘Y’ And Ends With ‘1’

As if the announcement that the Yamaha YZF-R1 will be discontinued wasn’t bad enough for R1 fans, Yamaha has decided to add insult to injury by naming its new Piano the YUS-1.

“Isn’t it obvious?” said one Yamaha fan. “By giving it such a similar name, Yamaha is making a pretty clear statement that this piano is designed to be a direct replacement for the 197hp superbike in its lineup.”

On paper, the piano might actually be able to fill the massive shoes of the iconic R1. Although up in weight at 500 pounds, the piano does come in at a pretty competitive $17,000. It also boasts a comfortable, upright seating position and a ‘polished ebony’ colorway that’s clearly inspired by the R1 Ravens Editions of the past.

Despite these impressive specs, many fans are not buying it… even though most of them never intended to buy an R1 either.

“I hear this new version comes with 88 keys,” said another fan. “I feel like having two sets of keys was plenty. It’s like they think giving us 86 additional keys will make up for the fact that they’re spitting directly into Rossi’s face by replacing the R1.” 

It’s not all doom and gloom, however.

“At least this new one is capable of producing absolute music to our ears much like the crossplane crank in the R1 did.”



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