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YouTuber Achieves Sainthood For Giving Away $40k Motorcycle To Patrons Who Gave Him $250k

“I’m just happy I have the chance to make one person’s dream come true… at the literal expense of hundreds of others.” These were the heartfelt words from YouTuber, Adam Swayze, after being canonized as a Saint by Pope Francis.

“It’s not every day that we see a child of God be so selfless,” Pope Francis said. “What Adam has done is something we value dearly at the Vatican: charitable giving… and commercializing hope.”

The lucky winner received a brand-new bike with thousands of miles on it.

“The new owner’s safety is a top priority of mine,” Adam said. “That’s why I break it in for at least a year to make sure the 200+ hp machine is extra safe for the potential novices who enter.”

Adam also takes extra precautions by letting his family, friends, and complete strangers each take a turn on the bike.

“It’s just a happy coincidence that this provides me with hours of video content that I can use to make even more money on YouTube,” Adam said.

Unfortunately, generosity at this level does come at a cost. “It’s a hard lifestyle,” Adam said. “I have to open boxes of products my sponsors research, pick out, and send me. I then have to film someone else putting the parts on the bike. Finally, I have to upload the video twice. Once for my patrons who pay me for ‘exclusive content,’ and then the same video again 10 minutes later on YouTube for the world to see.”

Despite the recent achievements, Adam is still remaining humble throughout this process.

“No matter how charitable I’ve become, I’ll never be as holy as those people who make cringy TikTok videos to promote their generic swag,” Adam said. “They give people ‘10x entries this week only’ for three of the four weeks in a month.”

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