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TRAGIC: Biker Forced To Wait Six More Days To Post Sick Wheelie Shots Captured On Thursday

A sad scene here as a local motorcyclist ripped the best wheelie of his life on a Thursday – one full day after #WheelieWednesday. “Nothing in life can prepare you for something like this,” said Trent Miller. “One moment you’re experiencing life with your front wheel at an all-time high. Then Thursday shows up and it brings you down harder than a first-gen wheelie control system.”

Crushed by the reality that he might have to wait 144 hours before he can post the photo to his Insta, Trent is considering using other hashtags designed for the sole purpose of showing people how neat of a person you are.

Some of the alternative hashtags include: #ThrowItUpThursday, #TwelveOClockThursday, #ThirstyForSomeWheeliesThursday #WheeliesAfterWednesday, and #FreeWheeliePremiersThisThursdayInATheatreNearYou

“Unfortunately, nobody follows those hashtags,” said Trent. “It’s like the age-old saying: ‘If you wheelie and nobody is around to see it, do you even wheelie bro?’”

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