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Totaled Yamaha MT-10 Sent To Hell For Gluttony

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

A Yamaha MT-10 awoke to the fiery pits of hell on Friday after it was hit by an eldery lady who ‘just didn’t see it there.’

“It’s hotter than a Ducati owner’s crotch here,” said the MT-10. “I know I’m from the ‘Dark Side of Japan’ and all, but isn’t this a bit extreme?”

On Judgement Day, The MT-10 failed with flying high-viz colors when it was revealed just how much gas it guzzled during its lifetime.

“I’m no moped, but I feel like my fuel economy is on par with other… midsize trucks.”

The MT-10 joins the MV Agusta Brutale (lust), Royal Enfield Himalayan (sloth) and the entire Ducati lineup (greed) as part of the damned.

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