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Tom Cruise Runs Off Movie Set After Being Told To Wear A Helmet For Motorcycle Scene

Tom Cruise ‘try hard’ ran off the set of “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” when he was told by producers that he needed to wear a helmet for the upcoming motorcycle scene.

“I can’t F**king work like this!” Tom said. “Do you know who I am? I sell tickets and put people in seats for three reasons: My smile, my stunts, and riding f**king motorcycles with my hair blowing in the wind! People need to see it’s me riding the motorcycle. ME! Not some greasy stuntboy.” Tom Cruise, a well-known scientologist, is equally as devoted to the religion of squiding – a practice that teaches its followers to forgo all safety gear for the sake of looking ‘sick AF.’ “If you open up your squid bible and flip to the book of Yolo 3:5-6 it clearly states, ‘Thou shalt not look like a sissy in safety gear. Instead, rock sleeveless so all shall know thou art incapable of basic chain maintenance,’” said Tom.

After these recent events, the producers of Mission Impossible have decided to rename the movie to ‘Mission: For Real Impossible – Get 60-Year-Old Tom Cruise To Wear A Helmet.’

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