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Tail Of The Dragon One Pothole Away From Feeling Like You’re Actually Riding On A Scaly Dragon

The world’s most famously overrated motorcycling road, The Tail of the Dragon, is one pothole away from finally feeling like you’re riding on a bumpy, scaly dragon.

“This is a historical moment for the states of Tennessee and North Carolina, depending on who you ask,” said one elderly local. “I’ve been waiting for this day since they last paved the Tennessee side in 1934. Not only can I finally feel like I’m riding on the haunches of a mythical creature, but it’ll also be a nostalgic experience – reminding me of the jarring suspensions of my youth.”

While 99% of the curves already have potholes or bumps situated perfectly on the apex, the final smooth corner finally cracked yesterday around 2 PM EST. “Yeah, the crack was caused by a pretty standard lowside,” said a Killboy photographer who supposedly caught the crash in high resolution, but all we saw were 73 watermarks over what can only be described as tempered glass because we didn’t care to pay the price a new video game to see a photograph. “Some guy was on his 19th pass thinking that this would be the run where he finally got his knee down for an epic profile pic. To be fair, his knee did touch what is left of the pavement, but I think the helmet/shoulder impact is what cracked it.”

We asked a group of riders who live nearby what they thought of this new development on their favorite road of all time.

“Woah, woah, who said it was our favorite road?” said one local. “Most of us call it the Tale of the Dragon. That’s because we constantly make up stories about how good it is so that people don’t crowd the hundreds of actual, world-class motorcycling roads in this area.”

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