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Stretched Honda Grom Can Finally Be Ridden To Its Full Potential

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- With a budget-friendly price, Honda reliability, and personality in spades, it’s hard to fault the Honda Grom. However, for certain riders, there’s a Gold-Wing-Sized problem in the room: the Grom’s unmanageable power. “It’s frankly a terrifying machine,” said Seth Ferguson, a proud squid and grom owner. “If you don’t take it seriously, you’ll end up on your back more times than an OnlyFans star.” Fortunately, just like with OnlyFans, people without engineering degrees have found that six extra inches can make all the difference.

“It turns out all I needed to do was add an extended swing arm,” Seth said. “Now I can let the bite-sized beast eat without fearing for my life. It also looks ballin’.”

People like Seth are not only trying to get the word out to other Grom owners, but also spread the news to 600cc sportbike riders as well.

“Just call us PETA because we’re saving squids left and right out here,” Seth said.



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