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Steve From Blue’s Clues Returns To Tell His Fans That It’s Time To Consider An Adventure Bike

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

TORONTO, CANADA -- After a long hiatus from the show, Steve Burns returned to Blue’s Clues to give his (a-few-decades-older) fans a very important message: You might be getting a little too old for sportbikes. “It’s been awhile and we’ve both gotten quite a bit older,” said Steve. “I’m proud of you for surviving the sport bike phase of your motorcycling career... but it’s time to move on to adventure bikes.”

Steve went on to encourage his old friends to just look at the clues.

“That feeling in your back after a 15 minute ride into town… that’s lower back pain,” said Steve. “Also it’s not normal for your ride to the gym to take a bigger toll on your body than the workout itself.”

As we’ve come to expect from Steve over the years, he did end on a positive note.

“Hey, at least we’re not in Gold Wing territory yet.”

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