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'Sport-Touring Tires Aren't Sticky Enough For Me,' Says Motorcyclist With 3-inch Chicken Strips

Once again, motorcyclist Ryan Boyd has walked past the sport-touring tires and straight for the barely-street-legal race tires.

“This is my third set of tires this season,” Ryan said. “I’ve burned through cigars slower than I’ve burned through these tires, but that’s the price you pay for performance.” Ryan, who has never been to a track day, is a self-proclaimed Street Rossi and has reportedly achieved a 19-degree lean angle while riding.

“Not many people can out lean their kickstand, but I’m pretty experienced,” Ryan said. “My bike leans about 16 degrees while parked on its kickstand, so I beat it by a whole three degrees.”

Even with this remarkable achievement, Ryan only uses about 50% of his tire’s surface – leaving the edges in permanent showroom condition. Humanitarian experts estimate that his chicken strips could feed a small village in Africa.

“I’m not even sure why they put those edges on a bike when you can’t use them,” Ryan said. “It’s like a standard-sized condom… a total waste of rubber.”

Unfortunately, with the recent increase in tire prices, Ryan is now in crippling credit card debt.

“I wish I could move to longer-lasting tires, but the truth is, they’re just not sticky enough for me.”

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