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Six Foot Six Motorcycle Reviewer Gives Helpful Opinion On Bike’s Seat Height

The human species (with an average height of 5ft. 2in. for women and 5ft. 7in. for men) has a lot to be thankful for today as 6ft. 6in. motorcycle journalist, Lebron Dames, offers his valuable insights on the seat height of a brand new bike. “As you can see, my legs are bent quite a bit on this bike,” Lebron said. “I think shorter riders – say between 6’ 2” and 6’ 4” – would have no issues reaching the ground.” If this wasn’t helpful enough, Lebron didn’t stop there. “The ergonomics are a bit cramped for me,” Lebron said. “I wish the footpegs were a few feet lower. But I guess if they were designed to fit the tallest .01% of mankind, like myself, they’d touch the ground every time the bike rested on its kickstand.” Tidbits like these are why the motorcycle community is truly blessed that there’s some unspoken law that prevents anyone under 5ft. 10in. from sitting on motorcycles in front of a camera.

“It’s sad to say, but short people aren’t meant to ride motorcycles,” Lebron said. “There’s just no market for it.”

In completely unrelated news, stay tuned for our next segment on the top 10 motorcycle markets and why they’re all in Asian countries.

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