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Single, Dangling Helmet Hair Found To Be The Most Elusive Thing In The Known Universe

“We have reason to believe that these little, nose-tickling hairs can manipulate matter itself.”

This was the conclusion by researchers after spending decades trying to figure out why it’s almost impossible to snag loose hairs in your motorcycle helmet – regardless of whether or not your gloves are on or off.

“Even when a motorcyclist is sitting still with their gloves off, they don’t seem capable of removing the hair in question, something that never happens when they’re not wearing a helmet,” researchers said. “And you can forget it if they’re in motion on the motorcycle. The added wind essentially turns the hair into a figment of our imaginations.”

Much like ghosts, angels, and BMW Base-Model motorcycles, it’s hard to say if these helmet hairs truly exist in our physical world, or if our minds (and BMW marketing) are just playing tricks on us.

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