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Ryan From FortNine Snubbed By The Oscars Once Again

For the fifth straight year, Ryan and the FortNine team inexplicably went home empty-handed from the Oscars. Although all of FortNine’s releases this year were better shot, more informative, more comical, and better acted than this year’s Oscar nominees, none of them took home an Oscar. “It’s just more evidence that the ‘Oscars’ should be renamed the ‘Oscagers’… they’re clearly prone to overlooking motorcycles,” Ryan said.

Rather than taking one of FortNine’s original videos, the Oscars just nominated films that were poor knockoffs of what Ryan and team had already done. “‘Don’t Look Up’ was clearly inspired by ‘The Snell Helmet Standard is Meaningless’ production we did,” Ryan said. “There’s clear evidence that your life may come to an abrupt end due to something above your head, but most of us will blissfully trust the government entities/big businesses that tell us it’s safe.”

We asked Ryan if next year will be FortNine’s year and he had this to say

“Honestly, I could give a Moose’s left testicle whether or not we appeared on that show,” Ryan said. “If I wanted to watch spoiled rich people slap each other, I’d stick to ‘The Real Housewives of Toronto.’”

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