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Rider Wonders If All The Interested Women He Was Promised Are Hidden Behind All The Interested Men

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- After telling yet another man how many CCs his motorcycle has, new rider Frank E. Weir started to wonder where all the women were.

“I don’t want to sound ungrateful for all the nice guys who have approached me,” Frank said. “But I was under the impression that a motorcycle would get me more attention from the ladies. The closest I’ve gotten to that is a middle-aged lady asking me if I was ‘aware that motorcycling is dangerous.’” Like many young men, Frank was promised that a nice set of wheels could get him a nice set of tit...illating conversations with members of the opposite sex -- a lie that has been around for generations.

“One time, I saw a female just beyond the swarms of men asking if my exhaust was stock,” Frank said. “But she was a lesbian.” We asked Frank if he was going to continue with the hobby or move on to something else that’s more popular amongst females… like lifted trucks, Dragon Ball Z, or ‘how far can you pee?’ contests.

“I really enjoy riding motorcycles, so I’m really torn on what to do next… If only I were gay.”

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