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OOPS: Hard-Of-Hearing Man Thought It Was The ‘Diminished’ Gentleman’s Ride

Mistakes were made at this year’s Distinguished Gentleman’s ride as local rider, Seth Williams, could have sworn they said ‘diminished.’ “I thought it was a bit strange at first, but then I figured it was an event to shine a light on men’s mental health issues,” Seth said. “We can certainly find ways to make ourselves feel smaller, so seemed like a good thing to support.” Seth spent days working on his outfit for the ride, a suit and signs with various self-deprecating insults on them. Some of these insults include: ‘My Kickstand Leans Farther Than Me,’ ‘My helmet protects my head and your eyes,’ and ‘Pirelli Supercorsa? More like Pollo SuperCripsy with my chicken strips.’

“I’m a little bummed, but then I found out the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride raises money for… well, a man’s bum, so that’s good too,” said Seth. “Lesson learned. I’ll do much better for the TurdPiss Motorcycle Rally coming up in Sturgis, North Dakota.”

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