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‘Nice Chicken Strips,’ Motorcyclist With 8 Lowsides Under Belt Confidently Mocks Others

A crash-prone motorcyclist has been tormenting a local bike meetup by loudly drawing attention to each motorcycle with ‘unused’ tire edges (also known as ‘chicken strips’). “Woah, I didn’t realize we were meeting at a KFC!,” said Jack Mehoff Jr., the motorcyclist who spends more on insurance than rent. “I see most of you opted for the extra crispy, amiright?!”

Upon receiving a courteous chuckle from the crowd, Jack continued… “I remember when I had chicken strips… in my happy meal,” said Jack. “But don’t worry, if you do as I do you’ll scrub those tires in no time or die trying hahahahahaahaha. But for real. You can’t kill the game without almost killing yourself in the process.” Feeling his own insecurities start to fade, Jack quickly rattled off a few more zingers. “Hey bro, Sesame Street called, they want their Big Bird back when you’re done parading him around on your back tire!” “I see you went for the Cockinental Sport Attack tires… must not have a lot of faith in them by the looks of it.”

“WOAH, I’m impressed! Looks like you made it all the way here without taking a single turn!”

After being asked to leave, Jack started to reflect on his own life and how maybe, just maybe there’s more to life than worrying about getting the empty approval of strangers.

“You know, no matter how hard I tried, to Jack Mehoff and Suki Mehoff (Jack’s parents), I just was never good enough to bring any real satisfaction,” said Jack. “Maybe that’s why I’ve wasted my entire life searching for trivial signs that might confirm my worth…nah, that can’t be it. You don’t scrub in every set of tires and fairings you’ve ever owned without elite skill.”

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