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Motorcyclists Spend Entire Red Light Cycle Pretending They Can Hear Each Other

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- A busy intersection became the stage for quite the display of acting last Saturday as bikers spent several minutes pretending to have a conversation.

“I frankly have no idea what was said,” said one biker in the group. “I think someone needed to stop and get gas.” “I said ‘We should stop for some food, and fast,'” said the biker in question. “But for some reason we ended up at a gas station.”

It’s common knowledge that 85% of the time, motorcyclists can’t hear each other due to the combined exhausts, music, and helmets -- yet they still feel obligated to perform gestures and give vague responses.

“My go-to response is to say ‘haha, for real,’” one motorcyclist said. “I’m sure it doesn’t make sense the majority of the time, but it’s not like anyone can hear me anyway.” Common gestures are thumbs up, hang loose sign, fist bumps, and shaking of the head in disbelief as if something crazy just happened.

While conversations are typically futile, bikers say they’ll still pull up their visors as they approach red lights.

“Car drivers totally think we’re talking about something epic and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.”

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