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Motorcyclists Just One Piece Of Gear Away From Being Able To Ride Like Pros (For Real This Time)

A pair of Motorcyclists – one street rider and one dirt rider – have announced that they are both 2-6 business days away from joining the likes of Jack Miller and Ricky Carmichael as household motorcycle names… for the 10th time this year.

"I’ve been dreaming of this day since my new, moisture-wicking race undersuit let me down last week," said Jake Spiller, aspiring intermediate track day rider. “But don’t worry, I have new gloves on the way that will fix my target fixation issues.”

Rick Crashmichael, an aspiring B-class enduro rider and frequent user of #NotJarvisStyle, is also eagerly awaiting his skills to improve with the arrival of new FOX goggles. “My wheelies have really been suffering from the fact that I’ve had last year’s colorway plastered across my goggles,” said Rick. “You can’t be talented unless you first look talented.”

Given that each rider has purchased well over 50 pieces of gear during their motorcycling career, some have suggested that practice might be needed for them to improve their riding ability.

“That’s silly. Why practice when you can purchase?”

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