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Motorcyclist’s New Year’s Resolution Is To Actually Take It Easy After Saying ‘I’m Going To Take It

A motorcyclist announced that he’s going big this year for his New Year’s Resolution. Earlier this morning, Rhett Olsen pledged that he will stick to his word when he says ‘I’m going to take it easy today’ – a goal that many feel is unrealistic.

“Dude is crazy if he thinks he can make that resolution come true,” said Pete Harden, one of Rhett’s riding buddies. “That’s like MV Agusta saying they’ll make a bike that doesn’t break down every other ride… just not going to happen.” Despite some skepticism from his friends, Rhett remains optimistic.

“I’m telling you, 2022 is going to be the year I chill near the back of the group rides and avoid tickets, wrecks, and other shenanigans that take place in the peer-pressure-riddled cesspool at the front of the pack,” Rhett said.

We tried to follow up with Rhett to ask if he successfully stuck to his 2021 resolution of ‘loving any person half as much as he loves his motorcycle,’ but he was busy doing a rolling burnout to the sound of his friends’ cheers.

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