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Motorcyclist’s Inability To Turn Almost Certainly Due To Bike’s Lack Of CCs (Cornering Capabilities)

A local motorcyclist is on the search for a literbike after suffering a lowside crash that was entirely the fault of his Yamaha R6 not having enough cornering capabilities (CCs).

“Given my six months of riding experience – this probably goes without saying – but my body position, throttle control, brake control, and speeds were obviously not the issue,” said Pete Campbell, ex-r6 owner. “The only explanation remaining is that my talents have swelled beyond the 600cc, race-replica class of motorcycles. More CCs are required if I ever hope to get my knee down on that onramp.”

Smaller tiplacement motorcycles like the Ninja 400 and the CBR500R are notorious for forcing motorcyclists’s hands into ‘upgrading’ to bigger and faster motorcycles in order to keep up with traffic in mild turning situations.

“People warned me that I shouldn’t start on a 600cc bike because I’d outgrow it,” Pete said. “Crashing in the first six months just goes to show that they were right… I’m already in need of more CCs. I can’t be too hard on myself, though. It’s hard for a person to predict that they’d be a prodigy at something.”

Some critics of Pete say that CCs have nothing to do with cornering, rather they refer to how many cubic centimeters an engine has – a theory that Pete feels is easily debunked.

“Then how do you explain larger CC bikes having wider tires?... checkmate, Ari Hennings of the world.”

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