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Motorcyclist On Never-Ending Quest To Find The Perfect Mural For Bike Photo Shoot

‘An Obsession’ were the words used by Kevin Baker, a local motorcyclist, to describe his current search for the ideal backdrop for his motorcycle.

“It all started by accident when I parked beside a mural at a pizza joint,” Kevin said. “As I walked back to my bike after eating, I thought it might make for a cool photo. It did. And that’s when the likes started coming in.” Kevin’s photo quickly received 20 likes -- doubling his next best post on Instagram.

“I ride a motorcycle with 180 hp, but the adrenaline I felt from those nearly two dozen likes… I’ll never forget it,” Kevin said. “I was hooked from that moment on.” Kevin no longer rides the twisty country roads he once loved, but now he can be found creeping around dumpsters in alleyways looking for new graffiti.

“I don’t remember the last time I used 3rd gear, and my motorcycle is constantly in a state of overheating,” Kevin said. “But I might miss something if I go too fast. That’s just the price you pay for internet clout.”

According to Kevin, the perfect mural would: have colors that match the motorcycle, look like it’s interacting with the motorcycle, contain something that’s culturally relevant today, have a deep hidden meaning, doesn’t take itself too seriously, well lit during the ‘golden hour,’ and contains at least one ‘smokin hot chick.’

“The perfect mural is like the perfect woman,” Kevin said. “You’ll know it when you see it. At least I think… they’re both very good at eluding me.”

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