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Motorcyclist Just One Bike Away From Finishing Dream Garage… For The 8th Time

HARRISBURG, PA – Rolling his brand new Triumph Street Triple out of the dealership, local motorcyclist Greg Watson told reporters that he is officially just one bike away from finishing his dream garage.

“This will be the eighth time that I’ve been one bike away from owning every motorcycle I could possibly want,” Greg said. “Being this close to reaching your dream is a once in a lifetime feeling… that I’ve experienced numerous times.” Greg, who now has a collection of eight motorcycles, is already thinking his garage is missing something.

“I’ve already got a sportbike, naked bike, dirtbike, cruiser, dual-sport, adventure bike, mini bike, and whatever the hell a Yamaha Nikon is, but no dream garage is complete without a cafe racer,” Greg said. “It just took getting the other eight motorcycles for me to realize that.”

It turns out that mathematicians and scholars have been working for generations to find the ideal number of motorcycles to have in the garage. They concluded that the answer lies in the equation x = n + 1, where ‘x’ is the ideal number of bikes and ‘n’ is the number of current bikes you own – which might explain Greg’s behavior.

“I don’t know anything about that,” Greg said. “What I do know is that I absolutely must add a Royal Enfield Himalayan to my stable… have you seen that lady who rode one around the world?!”

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