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MotoGP: Honda Teams Up With Yamaha To Challenge Ducati; Offers Wing Directly Off Honda Civic

After a few seasons of being embarrassed by Ducati on the racetrack, Yamaha and Honda have decided to join forces in a way that totally won't embarrass them in the Paddock as well.

“Look, we have no chance this year,” said a spokesperson from Repsol Honda. “Marc’s arm has more metal in it than an Aprilia’s engine oil, and the only manufacturer we hate more than the Piano Company is the Italian one that does ‘Ride Red’ better than we do.” With their own chances looking grim, Honda decided to share its most valuable asset with the Yamaha Factory race team: Spoiler technology from its line of Honda Civic family sedans. “It’s an honor,” said a spokesperson from Monster Energy Yamaha. “The Honda Civic really embodies just how desperate we are to try and look sportier than we have any hope of being.” Getting access to the massive wing was one thing, but Yamaha explained that the true benefits would come from how it was implemented into the overall design.

“Unlike professional racing teams, the Civic’s aero works best when you toss wind tunnels, engineering, science, physics, and taste out the window,” Yamaha said. “Therefore we just threw that massive sucker on the back and hope people think it’s cool… you know, in true Civic fashion.”

Fabio Quateraro has reportedly taken a liking to the new design.

“It makes sense,” said Yamaha. “The Civic’s target demographic is young males who can’t grow hair on their chest.”

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