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Moto TikToker ‘Just Vibin’ Demands Privacy For Herself, Her 6 GoPros, and 2 Camera Cars

A motorcyclist who set up six GoPros, rented two camera cars, and posted 47 videos of herself online just wants a little privacy to ‘vibe’ in peace to whatever song is currently being boosted by social media algorithms.

“It’s sad that in this day in age, a person can’t just ride into town during rush hour, bop around like she’s on a first-gen FZ-09 shock, and then film it from enough angles to make a SuperDuke jealous, without feeling like people are watching… 70k TikTok views to be exact… 100k and I’ll do an ‘ask me anything,’” said Meghan Parkle. “The beauty of Motorcycling is that it’s all about you, your machine, the open road, and that addictive feeling of having other people’s attention not being diluted by car windows.” Meghan is just one of many motorcyclists in the post-TikTok/reels era that’s falling victim to other motorists noticing when they get off their bike at a red light and dance until they eventually notice the light turned green two minutes ago. “It’s about the vibe, not the ride,” said Meghan. “It’s about time people start to understand that and mind their own business. It’s like we motorcyclists always say: ‘If you look twice, you better save and subscribe.’”

Meghan did offer some additional advice to those looking to get into the exciting hobby of attention-seeking.

“Always wear a helmet for safety,” said Meghan. “Paired with a dark visor and one of those little cookie monster helmet covers, a helmet is great at keeping your identity safe as you over-exaggerate every head movement, hand gesture, and human interaction with unlimited confidence. Remember, a helmet is just an anonymous profile pic for real life.”



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