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‘Maybe We Should’ve Specified’: Honda Regrets Ride Red Campaign As Ducati & GasGas Sales Up 200%

Honda’s ‘Ride Red’ campaign has been a massive success… for European brands. Aprilia, Ducati, Beta, and GasGas have all reported a massive, 200% jump in sales since Honda launched the campaign.

“Maybe we should’ve been a bit more specific,” said Akio Hayashi, cheif marketing officer for Honda Powersports. “It turns out there are a lot of red bikes out there. That’s my bad.” A recent report has shown that Honda is actually the most likely of the five brands mentioned to produce a motorcycle that isn’t red. “To be fair, we probably should have been able to see this coming,” Akio said. “Italy’s biggest regret since joining the Nazis in WWII is producing a motorcycle that’s not red. And GasGas’s color palette is as creative as their name.”

Fortunately for Honda, they have plans to remedy this issue with their latest campaign that’s completely unique to them: ‘Ride On Rubber.’



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