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Man With $2,500 Bike Budget Spends Weeks Weighing Pros And Cons Of $35k Bike Options

For the third week in a row, a local motorcyclist has been browsing the internet for every $30k+ supersport shootout video, article, and forum with one goal in mind: Decide which bike would be a better fit for himself and his $2,500 motorcycle budget.

“Deciding which $35,000 motorcycle is right for someone like me is a decision that keeps me up at night,” said Jerome Kerviel, part-time DoorDasher. “There’s so much to take into consideration like performance, looks, tech, usability, reliability, *coughprice*cough, how cool my riding group will think it is, and whether or not I should just wait for them to iron out the smallest of imperfections with the next year’s more expensive model.”

After many days, Jerome has been able to narrow his choices down to the BMW M 1000 RR and the Ducati V4 SP.

“Professional racers claim they can lap a track .0025 seconds faster on the BMW than they can on the Ducati and both of them can lap around .0026 seconds faster than the competitors coming in at half the price,” Jerome said. “I definitely have to take that into consideration as I fully intend on doing novice-group track days with this motorcycle.”

Just when BMW seemed to be getting the edge on the Ducati, Jerome remembered something that brought the Ducati back into play.

“I do already own a red helmet, so I wouldn’t have to go out and buy a matching one for the Ducati like I would for the BMW,” Jerome said. “It’s important to save money where you can.”

Ultimately, Jerome did spot some ownership flaws that has caused him to hold off on taking out a second mortgage... For now.

“I’m worried that neither bike is quite up to my standards just yet,” Jerome said. “For example, a routine Ducati oil change costs more than my current motorcycle and you see more S1000RRs at a sportbike group meet than ‘Remove Before Flight’ keychains. I believe my best bet is to continue riding my GSX250R and wait until the next generation, $40,000 CBR 1000RR-R+R/RR=RRR FiRRRRRRRRReblade SPRRR comes out.”

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