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Man With $17.41 In Bank Settles In For A Relaxing Evening Of Nitpicking Used SuperBikes

“11k miles? Meh. Kinda high for a 2023 model. Dude must have a lot of free time on his hands.”

A local motorcyclist, Rick Cruza (also known as Nitpick Rick), spoke these words as he kicked off his relaxing evening of judging top-of-the-line, $30,000 motorcycles on various marketplaces.

“Don’t get me wrong, these are fantastic machines, it’s just that for the money I could buy 19 more of my clapped-out Ninja 250Rs,” Rick said. “With that very possible scenario that people would totally do in mind, I think it’s reasonable for me to expect an M1000R to have a body count of less than 2 before I can consider owning it myself.”

Rick’s love for kicking back with a PBR and scoffing at $30k M1000Rs that only come with 1 key started a few months ago when he finally won $13.50 on a sport-betting app.

“I’m now 1 for 356 and it feels good,” Rick said. “However, I’d feel better if pictures of this Ninja H2 didn’t show that it was clearly kept inside a garage that’s not temperature controlled. Not to mention, gray frame? Seriously? Get the green, dude.”

By spending hours every week nitpicking every minuscule detail, in approximately 187 years at his current rate of savings, Rick hopes he will be 100% ready to decide whether to purchase an Akrapovic or Termignoni full exhaust system for the Ducati V4 SP he still can’t afford.



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