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Man Unsure Why Motorcycle Won’t Start After Doing Everything By The YouTube Video

A local man is stumped as to why his motorcycle will no longer start after performing basic maintenance exactly how the random YouTube video said to do it.

“It makes no sense, I followed the video to the T… Or maybe it was an F… I couldn’t really tell since it appeared to have been recorded on a 1st Gen iPhone,” said Robert Eidschun, aspiring motorcycle tinkerer. “I even found a video of a bike that’s pretty much the same year and model as my bike.”

Robert’s dedication to doing everything the random man with unknown credentials did, even led him to the grocery store. 

“He was drinking Corona and I only had Miller Lite,” Robert said. “It was almost a disaster from the get-go.”

The video was only 7 minutes long, but Robert estimates he clocked 187 minutes worth of video play time.

“I kept having to rewind to listen to what size socket was needed,” said Robert. “Then sometimes I’d forget to pause the video and by the time I found the tool I needed, the video was six or seven steps ahead of where I was. I really wish he would type up all the tools needed in the description so I could easily just look at it and know. Someone should do that, maybe even with a nifty table of contents.”

Just when Robert was about to tow his bike to the mechanic to get the original and latest, completely unavoidable, issues resolved, it dawned on him.

“I see now where he had a lime in his Corona and I didn’t. Not a huge lime guy, myself, but I’d do anything to get my baby running again… except read a manual.”

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