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Man Unsure How Far Down The Road Is Too Far To Keep Giving Police Helmet-Tap Warning

A motorcyclist has found himself in a conundrum as he sees an oncoming motorcyclist approaching – knowing he passed a police officer taking radar many miles back.

“I’m not sure what the correct move is here,” said Frank Serpico, the motorcyclist experiencing the internal struggle. On one hand, Frank could warn the oncoming rider of police presence. This could prevent the rider from getting any tickets or fines. At first, this seems like the only correct answer, but then Frank considered the alternative. “I passed the officer many miles back,” said Frank. “So there’s a good chance the officer has left or that this approaching rider will turn off before getting there. Plus, he’s about to hit some really fun twisties between now and the officer… I’d hate to force him to ride them at a slow, dull pace or be worried about police the entire time.”

As the two motorcyclists got closer and closer, Frank began to panic. “I haven't faced a decision this hard since a FortNine and a Revzilla CTXP video released at the same time,” said Frank. “I just want to do the right thing for a fellow rider.” Before Frank knew it, the two riders passed with Frank not even giving a biker wave.

“Wow, what a self-centered ass,” said the oncoming motorcyclist.

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