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Man Purchasing Dream Bike Excited To Learn What His Next Dream Bike Is Going To Be

“This is so exciting! I’ve been dreaming of this moment since I purchased my last dream motorcycle one year ago.”

These were the words of motorcyclist, John Leannon, as he handed over the cash for a new-to-him Street Triple RS –  a motorcycle he has spent his entire life (since purchasing his KTM 390 dream bike last season) dreaming about owning.

“The street triple has been my screensaver for a little over a year now and I can’t believe I’ll finally have one in the garage,” said John. “I can’t wait to take hold of the keys so that my next dream motorcycle can immediately begin to reveal itself.”

What John is referring to is a financially devastating mind virus that impacts moto-enthusiasts around the world: N+1.

“N+1 is a virus similar to Moto-influencerza, but rather than succumbing to the uncontrollable urge to buy whatever bike the social media algorithms tell you to buy, you instead feel the need to buy whatever bike you didn’t know you wanted before buying your current bike,” said Wilson Smith, an epidemiologist and cycleologist.

We checked back in with John a few weeks later to discover he was already showing signs of early onset N+1.

“So, I found this awesome wallpaper for my phone of an S1000R,” John said. “I mean it’s way out of my budget and I love my bike, but I have been watching some shootouts lately and, I dunno, it’s a good machine and with financing the price isn’t crazy different, but I dunno…”

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