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Man Discovers Whole New Level Of Loneliness After Showing Up To A Group Ride On Time

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- A sad scene early yesterday morning as a naive young man arrived on time to an organized group ride. “I actually showed up five minutes early,” said Howard Miller, the punctual victim. “I was just so excited. I had been working all week and was beyond stressed. I desperately needed a good motorcycle ride. That’s when I got the invite.” Howard had been invited to a group ride that was scheduled for 10 am with kickstands up (KSU) at 10:30 AM. There were roughly 20 riders invited.

“At first I thought I was at the wrong place,” Howard said. “After all -- statistically speaking -- I couldn’t be the only one on time. If I had only known the truth I would have left right then and there. Howard clung to hope as his watch ticked past 10:30… then 11.

“To go from the excitement of a day spent riding, to the soul-sucking realization that your day will be spent sitting alone in a hot parking lot… I wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy,” Howard said.

Just when things seemed to be at their lowest for Howard, he received the following text:

“Srry. Running a bit late. Forgot to get gas. Will need to hit up a station b4 ride.”

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