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Man Decides To Take Break From Riding Motorcycle To Watch People On YouTube Ride Same Motorcycle

After being told he was spending too much time on his bike, motorcyclist Wesley Parker, has announced that he has found a new hobby – watching people online ride a similar motorcycle.

“I love riding my motorcycle, but it’s nice to branch out a little with my interests.” Wesley said. “I was excited when I found out that YouTube has thousands of clips of people riding the same motorcycle I own.” Wesley now spends rainy and snowy days sitting inside watching others ride and review his motorcycle.

“With the camera angles, the exhaust sound audio, and people getting into petty road rage incidents, it’s almost like I’m out there with them,” Wesley said. “I also like to watch motorcycle shootouts that include my bike and then bitch about or praise the results depending on if my bike finishes first or not.”

While this new-found hobby has been largely therapeutic for Wesley, there are times where it gets his blood pressure up.

“Look at this loser about to race without being in ‘Dynamic+ Race Deluxe2’ mode.” Wesley said. “What are you thinking?! Put it in second and stop short shifting, I would’ve never lost that rolling race. Learn to launch, bro.”

To calm down Wesley heads to the garage to go for a ride.

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