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Leaked Photo Reveals Jack Miller’s New MotoGP Training Partners While In Australia: Big-Ass Spiders

With the MotoGP season just around the corner, the world’s best motorcycle riders are honing their skills the best they can. For Ducati rider Jack Miller, that means taking his dirtbike into the Australian wilderness.

“My mates and I spent a few days in the Outback to really improve our riding skills,” Jack said. “There’s deep sand to help with throttle control and traction management. Endless trails to help with endurance. Oh, and we also have 90-kilo jumping spiders. I reckon those eight legged freaks help with hauling ass.”

Dirtbikes are often used by MotoGP riders to improve their skills during the offseason, but the giant spiders native to Australia are relatively new to the sport. “There’s no denying that they’ve helped me improve my race times, but it’s not all good,” Jack said. “There’d be heaps more Aussies in MotoGP if the spiders didn’t take them out during training. For me, it’s equally as scary as having Marc Márquez behind you trying to force a pass.”

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